Just for the sake of record, we had another dive at Marilyn’s Cut yesterday afternoon. While not quite as bad as below, it basically falls into the same category…

I think I’m beginning to figure out which dives will result in some contention. Apply this simple formula:

1) A dive briefing laying out “two dive sites in one”, both consisting of large networks of swim-throughs, caves, and everything starting below 45 feet


2) Dr. Noriega

Now, that’s not to say that he is the sole reason that this dive was the low-point in the trip. General fatigue with spending close quarters with just about anyone for an entire week will make you a little more likely to annoy each other. Also, this particular dive site was distinguished in having virtually nothing appealing EXCEPT for a large network of swim-throughs and caves (other than a lot of small, brown-ish sealife and sand).

That made things a bit awkward when we begin heading towards, as explained, the ONLY attraction of the site and we are pulled back by Ramon and Ric’s father with the rather frustrating parental reprimand:

“Don’t Play Games.”

Now, the general merits of that statement aside, I’m assuming he was in one action accusing me of being reckless, not listening to his warnings from previous dives, and expressing a paternal, if unnecessary, concern for my safety. Of course, this aggressive parenting tactic swiftly curtailed any straying by his younglings more than 20 feet from his side and made me feel like a 10 year old who had broken the rules in Lower School again. Concern for my safety is perfectly appreciated, but at 25 years old I am ultimately responsible for my own safety, and his attitude serves only to frighten his own children out of engaging in (one more time) the express purpose of the dive site.

I have no idea what we’ll find at the coming site for our final dive, or if Dr. Noriega will join us (I hope he will, this has been too good of a trip to end it in a spat), but he’s kicking me off the computer right now, so I’ll be back with a (hopefully more cheerful) wrap up in a little bit.

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