I don’t have much to say at this moment, but I’m blogging anyway. Not because I have to, though. I’m just extremely tired (probably from that 5:45 wake-up).

Our second dive to Nancy’s Cup of Tea was about the same as the first, but this time confirming that it wasn’t just the morning light that accounted for the general drab color of that area — it was the area itself. So it was myself and the Noriegas, swimming around and seeing the same overall fish we had seen a hundred times so far.

The next dive, before lunch, was far better. The drawing of the dive site during the briefing was a little lacking compared to the others, but it conveyed all we needed to know: 20 feet of water below the boat, and just next to it, a 6000 foot drop off! We only stayed for one dive, but it was a return to the kinds of bustling sealife we had seen earlier in the trip. The cameras were back out in full force and Pirates of the Caribbean on the mp3 player. We dove down the the side of the wall a few dozen feet and watched in awe as Leesa (our resident expert photographer) guided her massive camera rig snapping what I’m sure are far better pictures than our small, sub-$500 cameras would be capable of.

Lunch was some kind of tropical/asian assortment of rice and chicken and shrimp, pretty tasty but nothing to the hot dogs and hamburgers we had yesterday (god, I need more serious things to talk about, don’t I?).

Oh well, I’ll think of something as we go on our next dive. The sun is back our and we are at Marilyn’s Cut (whatever that means). I’ll report back if Marilyn makes it or not.

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