Okay, they must just pull these dive site names out of their asses… Nancy’s Cup of Tea…

A knock on our door woke Ramon and I up at 5:45 this morning. Fortunately the wake-up call was for me, not Ramon, and while he rolled over and went back to bed, Ricardo and I descended for a (very) early morning dive. Diving just before sun up felt to me like I would imagine diving in a light fog would be. Colors for the most part were muted, visibility down but not so low that it hampered the experience. Being that you’re supposed to make your first dive of the day your deepest (and get progressively more shallow with each successive dive), Ric and I went down an even 100 feet or so. For the most part it was uneventful, but we did encounter a smallish reef shark (they all look like great whites to me), and I had a bullfight-esque showdown with an erksome stingray. Of course, for this dive I forgot to bring my camera.

I am beginning to feel familiar with the sorts of dive sites around the Cayman Islands, the kinds of coral formations to expect, the typical fish you’ll see on every dive. I think that means it’s about time to move on. They showed us a DVD of the Aggressor fleet’s newest addition, a boat at North Sulawesi a little off the coast of Singapore. Black sands, creatures that look like something out of a sci-fi movie, now THAT would be an experience.

Now that the sun’s up as well as most of the other divers, we head back to try to find that Cup of Tea poor Nancy seems to have left somewhere down there. Oh, there are supposed to be some cool anchors too.

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