Tonight’s dive is the first I’ve had mildly mixed feelings about. The rest have been inarguably good times. This night dive at the Bus Stop felt wrong somehow…

Our group was Ramon, Ricardo, their father, and myself. In the unusually close quarters that night dives seem to promote, four cooks certainly seemed to spoil the broth. In particular, Dr. Noriega seemed to be possessed by a paranoia at straying too far from the boat or too far from each other, to such a level that it felt less like a night dive and more like an evening circling the boat.

I’m sure my choice of music didn’t encourage happy feelings, but the most depressing moment for me on the dive was when Dr. Noriega fought for a couple minutes to extract his slate (used to write notes underwater) and proceeded to write “STICK TOGETHER,” a message he aimed at Ramon. I happened to catch it from a distance, but then was surprised to see the two of them head off in the direction of Ricardo without a backwards glance. I hung back a dozen or so feet to make sure it was not a mistake, but they never seemed to notice. I suppose the line of overprotective parenting stops at inconveniencing others for the (sole) sake of your blood.

That’s not to say I’m in a bad mood, it’s just a mellow evening here on the boat. Tomorrow morning, Ric and I are getting up for a “pre-dawn” dive at 5:45 AM in lieu of a night dive tomorrow night, so I should probably get some sleep.

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