They say Ireland has a hundred shades of green. If that’s true, then the sea has the monopoly on yellows and blues. For our afternoon stop, we went back to Little Cayman to a busy dive site on the coast aptly named the Bus Stop. Like many of the places we have gone, it is populated with sandy pockets broken up by coral formations and swim-throughs.

On the first dive, I went down with the whole Noriega clan and, while we did see some good creatures, the group of four seemed a little bit crowded. Between Ramon and I taking pictures, Dr. Noriega not wanting to venture too far off the beaten path, and Ricardo agreeable to just about anything, we ended up not doing all that much.

Resurfacing, I engaged in what has become my routine rush through tech — updating my blog, swapping out the mp3 player with new audio, leaving relatively little time for the relaxation that others seem to jump right into. Oh well, maybe I am becoming my Dad, forcing himself to stay busy even on vacation. That seemed to be the case this afternoon especially, as all three of the Noriegas declined to do the afternoon dive. Insistent that I do my level best to dive every single dive, however, that would not do. After finally establishing that I wouldn’t be diving with anyone I knew (and everyone else I DIDN’T know having already departed) I shrugged it off, shouldered my mp3 player, and went for my first solo dive.

As an experience, it was again very different from going it with one or more buddies, though not as dramatic a change as the night dives. On the positive side, I no longer had to come to consensus on where to go, what to do, or how long to spend in any place. But that freedom has a serious price — you must be doubly vigilent of your surroundings, your depth, and how much air you have left. Done too much, I suspect it could also be a bit lonely. But as a diversion when no one else wants to go, it amounted to another new style of diving in my log book of experiences on this trip.

Now time for what I’m sure will be a crowded night dive back to the Bus Stop. Tonight’s music: Silent Hill!

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