Ramon and I headed back to the 356 a couple hours later, this time sans tour guide and WITH mp3 player. I still say its the single biggest improvement to my diving experience since I began, and it’s good to have Tom around to share the enthusiasm (otherwise I’d be the only one).

It was a little more fun to explore the wreck without someone guiding us, though without Graham we lost the nerve to dive headlong into dark and rusted corridors. We took some pictures of the impressive aft guns and little nooks and crannies throughout the frigate’s exterior, including a humorous movie in which I get “electrocuted.”

The curse seems to have subsided a bit lately, though that could just be a result of my running out of electronics to break! Pray for my iPod, who is with us still. I also have this small gash on my left hand middle finger, next to the nail, that seems unable to heal thanks to its five-times-a-day saltwater dunking. I keep it clean and it doesn’t look poorly… but whenever I put on or take off my gear it hurts like hell.

It’s a little depressing to know that we just have a couple more days left to the trip. Despite my technological hiccups, I’ll try to post some more pictures from the past few days later tonight.

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