On the first dive in the afternoon, I wondered if maybe my poor luck above water might extend below… Ramon and I took off together along the shoreline from the boat to a sandy area dotted with caves and swim-throughs (something I enjoy, if you can’t tell). The sandy area began at about 40 feet and dumped us out along a 6000 foot drop at about 95 feet. Needless to say, we didn’t go any further down. After circling around again and through another passage back to the sand, we went over the top of the caverns to make our way back. As we traveled, I saw another swim-through with an open roof and decided to check it out from above. Swimming down, my back and tank were struck by something, initially leading me to think I had accidentally run into something (it was a rather narrow opening I was entering face-first). The banging continued and I realized as I tried to turn around that a rock larger than my head had dislodged from the wall and was crashing down on me. I got it past me and it fell to the floor of the swim-through, tumbling down the inclined hill and kicking up a mess of sand and dust. I felt lucky to have made it out so unscathed, so maybe my bad karma above water gets counteracted when I go under. I’ll trade a laptop and hard drive for that.

Our second dive to Three Fathom Wall, however, was a completely different experience! Tom, one of the kind crew on our boat, lent me the use of his H2O-Audio underwater mp3 player. I had considered buying something similar before coming, but it didn’t pan out ($$$). Boy, was that a mistake! I loaded a couple random, new-age-y songs on and in I went. It was easily the best dive I have ever had, and best of all, Tom graciously said I could use on any further dives I might want to.

Speaking of which, it’s about time for our night dive! The music is loaded, so I’m off!

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