I am really starting to feel like there is a curse on this boat, at least as far as myself and my technology go. First my dive light floods, then the hard drive with my pictures. Ramon dropped his dive knife but at least he got it back. But my troubles continue…

Now my laptop will not turn on! It’s not the battery, it’s not the power cable, it’s just dead. Fortunately there wasn’t anything critical on it, but it makes for a hassle doing just about anything now. But at least I know the curse is not limited ENTIRELY to me: their soda fountain broke. Yep, no more Diet Coke. Actually, they radioed to shore and had a variety of sodas (including DC) sent out, but that limited quantity is the whole boat’s for the rest of the trip.

I’ll tell you about my two dives into the Three Fathom Wall (the one I took an hour ago, and the one I’m about to take) when I resurface!

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