My general enthusiasm for posting took a hit with the loss of most of my pictures on the hard drive, but there are still interesting things to talk about.

Ramon didn’t make it to breakfast, which is just as well since the first dive wasn’t much to write home about anyway (despite the irony of that statement). The sands from yesterday had given way to some kind of kelpy, harder ground and acres of sealife all at about 15-20 feet deep. The problem was, either it was darker than usual this morning, or the life in this area is unusually colorless. Regardless, the pictures from this dive didn’t turn out fabulously I don’t think.

We are about halfway through the voyage, and it’s a captivating experience. The desire to make every single dive on the trip (I haven’t missed one yet!) makes for constant mini-adventures while still managing to tire me out enough that I can barely get out of bed the next morning. After the sun goes down and the dives are done, the night sky unobstructed by metropolitan light pollution is a sight like none other. According to Scott, one of the more experienced divers on the trip, this week should see several days of meteor showers, which I can attest to being true.

Life here is simple, relaxing, and a growing part of me wishes it never had to end…

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