Tragedy strikes yet again on the Cayman Aggressor IV!

This time, the victim appears to unfortunately be my portable USB hard drive, used to store, among other things, all my photos from the trip to date! Perhaps it will revive long enough for me to rescue the pictures, but I’m not holding out hope.

For this most recent dive, Ramon and I alone jumped in and headed the opposite way from our first dive. We found a lot of sand wasteland, turtles, and a few expansive caves that make me want to do cave diving more and more. It was fun just the two of us diving, since everywhere we went and everything we did was entirely at our discretion. Ramon still has far more experience than me, though, and I ran low on air and had to resurface more than 25% faster than him. Part of that is also his size, however. And his being a woman.

But then again, he has to stand on the bench on the dive deck to remove and hang his wetsuit on its hanger, so being bigger does have its advantages.

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