Last dive, at Randy’s Gazebo, I tried going down without my wetsuit – just board shorts, my BCD and other life-preserving gear. Owing to the insanely warm water I hardly noticed a difference in temperature, even at 96 degrees. And for what little insulation I lost, I gained a lot less hassle before and after the dive, as well as a little more mobility during. For this latest dive, I switched to full gear, though I think for the next I’ll go back again (or “go redneck” as Ramon terms it). I just know as soon as I start getting used to going without the wetsuit I’ll make intimate friends with some fire coral…

This dive was an explorer’s paradise! Large pocketed coral formations were broken up by large sandy patches, showing for adventurous divers the entrances to dozens of little caves and swim-throughs. I snapped pictures and movies, and had a moderate close encounter with an eagle ray, though he made a swift exit when the crowds arrived. It was not a very deep dive – which is funny considering that before yesterday it would have by far been my deepest – but it broke up what was verging on the monotony of tiny fish and endless floors of sealife. I’m sure I’ll get more chances to check out small caves as well as other kinds of specialty diving (I’m very psyched about the Russian destroyer we’ll be descending upon come Wednesday), but I really loved these little quasi-caves.

Tonight is also our first night dive which, despite the swift demise of my main light, should still be exciting. Hey, it’ll just be a little darker, right? Maybe they’ll begin our dive briefing (which, incidentally, occur just prior to almost every dive and give some highlights and special instructions for each new site) with a ghost story!

Gah, lame… 😐

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