You wouldn’t think you’d find a small black and blue dive knife amidst tons of coral and sealife.

But somebody did! And they returned it to our boat just before Ramon and I were hopping in to begin our search. Rejoined with his knife, Ramon was content and the two of us were free to explore further up the Bloody Bay wall. This time we actually made it to the gazebo, which was a pretty tight swim-through cave with an opening in the roof. I snagged a movie on my second time through, and away we went.

We’re beginning to find a routine here onboard, I think. The Diet Coke is plentiful, muffins and snacks arrive eerily at the same time as divers are surfacing, and it’s overall a pretty low-pressure way to live. They did mount me with a dive computer, however, to record my maximum depth and dive time, which I wouldn’t mind so much except that it sets off an incessant, beeping alarm every time I even THINK about ascending or descending. Apparently it is supposed to warn a diver that they are going one direction or another too quickly, but in my case it is tempting me to put my own dive knife to a new use…

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