While dusting off my balcony this afternoon, I noticed a rather massive nest of hornets constructed in the corner. In what might have been under different circumstances a rather suicidal move, I carefully leaned out from the haven of my balcony door, brandishing my broom by its base. All it took was one swift thrust to the corner to send the nest to the floor, and stir its contents into a frenzy. I retreated forthwith to the safety of my apartment, to plan my next move.

Several hours later…

I slid the balcony door open with the utmost caution. There I found the nest all but abandoned where it had fallen, though it did not take me long to discover where its inhabitants had congregated. Indeed, they were exactly where the nest had once been!

Those foolish insects.

Yes, like a good, war-loving Republican I had brought a chemical weapon to deploy on the unwelcome guests. Leaning out the doorframe again in the same fashion as earlier that day, I was amazed by the nearly instant collapse of the collective. Their ranks tumbled from ceiling to floor as if they had been asleep or dead all along! Within moments, a grim visage remained, and not a flying creature was to be seen.

One Man Raid on the Balcony Hive.

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