People in New Orleans are getting an illustration of what we members of the right have preached for years: “You can’t expect the government to cover everything.” At some point, you have to be willing to look to yourself. It’s amazing that in this day and age people expect instantaneous response. Never mind the fact that the hurricane was only a cat. one when striking Florida. No one knew where exactly the hurricane was going to strike. If the ships had been there earlier, they would have been subject to the fury of the storm, just as the oil rigs and everything else.

However, having said that, the first line of defense for the city of New Orleans resided first in the local law enforcement. While notable exceptions remain, few will confuse the actions of the local police here with that of the heroism of the 9/11 firefighters. Allegedly, many of the local police threw their responsibilities out the window. In addition, others allegedly chose to join the mobs in the destruction and looting.

Beyond the city police, the people were looking to the National Guard. However, it was the responsibility of the Governor of LA to call up the National Guard. Guard members from neighboring states were ready and waiting for the call that was delayed. When the residents of New Orleans were looking for a Rudy Giuliani, what they got was a sobbing finger pointer. Why use your own state funds, when you can wait a few days for a national response and then blame them for slow response? Never mind the fact that this is the largest national relief effort to date. What happens when relief does arrive? Citizens of the town fire weapons at rescue vehicles. Is this gratitude?

You are left with a relief effort that many of us are feeling is under appreciated at best. I realize when you are in a deplorable situation spirits are not going to be high. However, those of us who have given or are contemplating donating our dollars to charities would at least like to think that our funds are going to be well managed and appreciated. It’s hard to muster support for hoodlums and looters. Make no mistake, while some looting may have been for food, the images charred into our mind is that of men and women taking T.V.’s and sneakers. Not just from New Orleans, but communities many miles away. Add to that the complete and utter lack of compassion for the fellow man with the rapings, beatings, and alleged murders of people within the Super Dome.

After 9/11, communities received funds to prepare in the case of an emergency. What if anything had the city of New Orleans done with the Federal funds? Would this situation have been any different if there had been a terrorist attack? Coordination on the ground has been difficult because of the loss of cell phone towers. Why is this the technology of choice? Perhaps the finger pointing is a distraction technique. Members of the left know the true cause of the societal breakdown and the ensuing tragedy, but would rather look to the past, to the Right, and most unfortunately of all, President Bush.

So if Black Lawmakers (their title, not the one I would give) want someone to blame, perhaps they should look at themselves: at their policies, at their inadequate spending of resources since 9/11, at the entire doctrine of the left which has diluted the moral fiber of this country thus allowing a population turn almost feral, and most of all at the decision to blame. Instead of standing up, leading, and working with others to save the people of New Orleans, these law makers would choose to blame, and that is the biggest tragedy of all.

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