Economist August 6th Cover - Breeding EvilI saw this cover in the local supermarket this morning as I was waiting to check out, and I cannot tell you how much it made me cringe. It takes scandal on the industry level of Monica Lewinsky to get videogames major international press, even making the cover of the Economist. As if Democrat senators like Clinton playing to the center weren’t bad enough, Rockstar has made the whole world question whether games are “breeding evil.”

In truth, however, the article is the polar opposite of its cover. Available online here, the article discusses a generational divide between gamers and non-gamers leading to an entire segment of the population (the elder) that reject videogames outright, just as was done with rock and roll, novels and even written words. It generally speaks positively about videogames as educational tools, whether they be Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon or the problem solving and quick decision-making of GTA. All in all, it’s seriously worth the read.

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