You’d think that spending the summer in Oxford without videogames would teach me the joy of keeping games from playing such a large role in my daily life. But alas, you would be mistaken.

In addition to revisiting long absent hobbies (piano, reading, etc.) and contemplating how to keep them from fading away on my return to a game-enabled world, I have also been brainstorming ways to revive my undoubtedly flagging Japanese language skills (absent, of course, any chance to return there or a surge in native speakers in my daily life). Since I did so much good for my Japanese years ago by slaving away translating Japanese games to English, I figured that would probably be as good a way as any.

My current musings are to throw some moderate time and effort into the forthcoming FFVII: Advent Children, then Kingdom Hearts II this winter, and Final Fantasy XII starting on (recently announced) March 16, 2006. If actually successful, I should at least be making some headway towards stemming the tide of atrophy.

Other suggestions for an Oklahoma-based law/business student to maintain and improve his language skills would be appreciated from anyone!

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