Current Weight: 193 lbs.


My iPhone died on me yesterday, underscoring my reliance on Apple’s product as a central part of my fitness efforts. As I drove home, unable to call anyone or log calories, panic began to set in… how would I be able to keep track of my progress? Was I so reliant on my little smartphone that I would instantly start gaining weight without it to tell me what to do??

As it turns out, my panic was a little over the top, but it definitely made me realize a few things about the way I have been doing things. It’s been great to turn my fitness goals into a numbers game, and to use the ubiquity of my mobile phone to keep track of it all. But while apps can help me watch my calories-in vs. calories-out, record my runs and organize a week’s worth of weight lifting routines, the changes that I ultimately see have nothing to do with what’s inside Apple’s tiny, rectangular device. I’m not going to start putting on the pounds and losing the progress I’ve made without my iPhone, unless in response to it being gone I immediately starting eating junk food everyday and only go outside to walk to my car. The technology is a tool to reshape my eating and exercising, and for me the ability to work the numbers, organize my routine and see the slow progress day-by-day helps immensely.

For other people, it might be something else, but I’m a geek (with a little OCD thrown in for good measure). And for me, suddenly not being able to do all the things I’ve come to rely on my mobile phone for is like driving on the road without a speedometer. Sure, it’s a little scary, but it’s not the gauges that make me a safe driver. It’s my not speeding more than 10 mph over the limit when my radar detector goes off! Wait a sec……

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