And so life intervenes!

The eggnog is pretty much done, and I was just waiting to whip in the whites until shortly before the party, but otherwise it’s ready to go. Likewise the angel food cake is resting upside down in its pan, and I was going to blog about it when it came out, but…

It turns out the party may get canceled! That’s right, Christmas Eve may be canceled, or at least dramatically scaled back to an extent that would quite obviate the need for two dozen chocolate muffins AND wassail on top of creme brulee, sugarplums, and everything else.

Why shut down the party? Ironically, it’s the exact thing you always hear eeeeeverybody wants this time of year:

A white frickin’ Christmas.

Oh, and it’s getting bad alright. Behold my poorly cobbled together time-lapse photography:



So further cooking efforts are put on temporary hold, pending more info on the party. Which means if it DOES happen, I’ll just have that much less time to cook (or be forced to drop something).

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