This dish is pathetically simple to make and tastes wonderful as a holiday side dish. It all begins with:

That’s right, Sweet Corn Bread Pudding. Yeah, that’s a can of cream style sweet corn in the middle.

Oh, wait, you thought I meant “Sweet Corn Bread“?? No, no… this is “Sweet Corn Bread Pudding,” and it still tastes great. By the way, if you don’t own a cast iron skillet and you ever really cook much at all, you should pick one up. I got that fine beast at Walmart for $15, I believe. Two handles, even a slightly pursed lip on one side for pouring. Just watch out, they can get fiery hot.

So you take the onions and spices and sweat them for a little in the skillet. Meanwhile you take everything else and mix it up (I’d add the bread towards the end so it doesn’t get too soggy). That leaves you with:

(I added the bread after this was taken)

Add the mixture to the skillet, toss the whole thing into a standard 350 oven for half an hour or so, and when it comes out, you’ll have THIS:

Absolutely you gotta let it cool a bit before touching it. The cast iron will retain its heat for a long time, so it won’t cool so fast you’ve got cold bread pudding. But even if you do, just pop the whole thing back in the oven for a couple minutes and voila.

Next up, Angel Food Cake!

Oh, and the sugarplums from yesterday needing to be coated in sugar? They turned out great:

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