Well, this has started out well………..


So I had my mise en place assembled:

He was just checking out the chili sauce. No worries, he didn’t touch it.

But so, everything looks good, right? Simplest thing I’m going to make, just stick it in a food processor and WHAMO! But you see that little golden liquid off the left? Yeah, that would be olive oil. Why am I putting olive oil in cocktail sauce? I don’t know either! But my carefully assembled recipe says to!

It all goes into the food processor, and like I said, WHAMO:

Eh, it LOOKS pretty good, but what you can’t see is the good oily film every bit of it has. I should have taken another pic of it running off my finger like…. well like oil! Upon further investigation, apparently in my desire to be uber-organized with all the recipes and ingredients (for shopping as well as assembly), 2 tablespoons of olive oil made it onto the cocktail sauce recipe even though it wasn’t supposed to.

Now what? Well, fortunately this recipe was the simplest to make, so I’ll just go out and buy the 2 ingredients that this batch ran me out of and make it again, probably later tonight or tomorrow. Now however, on to the creme brulee!

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