How concerned are you about possible criticisms that you should have given European consumers what SCEA has given US consumers, i.e. the option to pay a lower price?

Well, they’re not really are they, because what the US are offering from the 1st of August is a USD 599 version with one game. All they’re doing is taking their stock in trade that they’ve got at the moment of the 60GB model, marking the price down and it will all be gone by the end of July.

So once the 60GB is gone, that will be the end of the 60GB then?

In America, yes.

One step forward and another big step back… Can Sony not see that $599 is more than most people are willing to pay, regardless of how almighty its console is? A discount of over 15% brings it slightly out of the realm of insanity (arguably), and will surely convince some fools to take the plunge. But this move just demonstrates that Sony actually has confidence in their former price point. Just like the suggestion that people will want to work a little harder to be able to afford its videogame system, this once again illustrates just how dangerously (for them) out of touch Sony really is.

The king is dead, long live the king.

[Update: SCEA has apparently corrected the story created by the loose-lipped SCEE president.  “As announced this week, SCEA’s product offering in North America consists of a 80GB PS3 available in August at $599 and a 60GB PS3 available now for $499. We have will have ample supplies of both models to meet the needs of our consumers for the foreseeable future.”  Assuming this is not just some “we have nothing to announce…. right until the moment we have something to announce,” it’s good to see they haven’t completely lost their minds.]

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