I generally detest just posting things said by other people (this is my blog, after all), but radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made a statement today that I thought was just too succinct, eloquently put, and completely in line with my own beliefs to pass up.

It started because Juan Williams wrote in a Washington Post column that “Amnesty is just the nice thing to do.”  So Rush replied, “In five words, he summed up the liberal argument for amnesty.  It’s a ‘nice’ thing to do, and it really is!  … And how can anybody argue with that, ‘a nice thing to do’?  I mean, it’s even hard for me. …  All I can do, ladies and gentlemen, is look at other ‘nice’ things we did, and maybe examine how they turned out.

“It was really ‘nice’ to declare war on poverty.  It was so ‘nice’!  It was just ‘nice’ to give a woman the right to choose.  It was ‘nice’ not to disturb our pristine nature to get ‘filthy’ oil.  Now let’s see how all these turned out, shall we?

“It was ‘nice’ to declare war on poverty.  It’s the longest war in our history, and it’s the costliest.  We have spent over $6 trillion on the war on poverty and guess what?  No end in sight; it didn’t end poverty, but it did destroy the family structure in the inner city, to the point now that 56% of all African-American kids live in single parent homes, and most of the single parents are mothers.  Did anything ever sound so ‘nice’, ending poverty, that ended up so badly?

“And of course, it was ‘nice’ to not disturb the pristine nature of our country to get ‘filthy’ oil.  Did anything ever sound ‘nicer’ than ‘alternative energy’?  Oh, we get so sentimentally attached to this notion of ‘alternative energy’, biofuels and ethanol and so forth.  Cheap, clean, non-polluting fuels.  Sounded ‘nice’!  …forty years ago, with synthetic fuels.  And it sounds ‘nice’ today with biofuels.  And the result is, our heads are filled with ‘nice’ thoughts and our independence is threatened by ‘not nice’ dictators, from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hugo Chavez and the Saudi kings.  We are totally dependent on the importation of foreign oil!  And that’s so ‘nice’, folks, to not tear up our country.  At the same time, that’s right, we were not ‘nice’ to them.  We were mean, as the world’s lone superpower we were bullies.  And so it’s ‘nice’ to have them with their hands around our throats.

“And of course, it was so ‘nice’ to give a woman the right to choose.  It was!  It didn’t sound ‘nice’ to oppose abortion or to tamper with nature, but it did sound ‘nice’ to give a woman the right to choose.  Now, it’s cost us 40 million births, 40 million needed workers since 1973.  That’s how many Americans have not been born.  And guess what?  How many illegals are here?  And why do we need them?  Because we’re short on bodies.  We aborted them because it was so ‘nice’ to give a woman the right to choose.  40 million contributors to Social Security, snuffed out because we were ‘nice’.  If that wasn’t ‘nice’ enough, it caused us to find these 40 million immigrants, legal and illegal, to fit the bill.  Did anything ever sound that ‘nice’, and end up that ‘not nice’?

“As we now suffer through the ‘nice’ ideas on immigration and the ‘nice’ results we will not get, we can look forward to ‘gosh, it’s so ‘nice’ to save the planet from global warming?’  It’s just ‘nice’.  Why can’t we just be ‘nicer’ to people?  Why can’t we just get along?  Why can’t we just sit around and let the country be destroyed?  At least we’ll be ‘nice’ in the process.  We will like ourselves.  But our children and grandchildren will HATE OUR GUTS.”

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